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Enhance your IT infrastructure and boost your digital marketing stack with DragonTech’s innovative business solutions. Our fully-managed IT service enables you to maintain a healthy and risk-free IT ecosystem. A healthy IT infrastructure means no downtime, maximum security, and increased efficiency.


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DragonTech IT Services, Inc

A strong IT infrastructure gives a boost to an business overall productivity, security, and profit. However, due to a lack of proper knowledge and expertise in IT management, small and medium-sized businesses are struggling to capitalize on the true value of the latest technology and innovations. DragonTech offers businesses affordable and innovative fully-managed IT, cyber security, and digital marketing solutions. Our solutions aim to empower you with a robust IT infrastructure, increased overall productivity, and revenue. Boost your business’s growth with DragonTech IT solutions.

Our business Success Framework

We have curated comprehensive plans suited to benefit different sized businesses. You can upgrade or add more solutions as your business scales its operations and revenue.

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We Offer

We offer fully-managed IT services, cyber threat protection, and digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. Strengthen your IT infrastructure and eliminate the risk of downtime and data security breaches.

IT Services

Establish a robust IT infrastructure and increase your overall productivity and customer experience.


Eliminate data security risks to your organization and your customers with constant updates and monitoring.

Digital Marketing

Build a strong online presence for your business and increase your visibility, traffic, leads, and more.


DragonTech’s Approach to business Growth

IT and cybersecurity need a proactive approach. DragonTech is constantly updating and monitoring our service so that you can thrive doing what you love. We know innovation is the key if you want to provide truly world-class service, all the while maintaining your bottom line—profit and data security. Our constant monitoring enables us to detect IT gaps and security risks before they culminate in actual security breaches and downtime.

Meet the Team

Dr. Alex O'Neil

Dr. Alex O'Neil

Digital Marketing Guru

Dr. Alex O’Neil is an actor, director, composer, graphic designer, and prolific entrepreneur with experience in film, entertainment, marketing, law, and healthcare. In addition to a doctorate in Film, Dr. O’Neil holds an astounding number of degrees, diplomas, and certifications in a variety of industries.

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Dr. O’Neil is a self motivated jack of all trades with decades of experience excelling in a variety of industries. For DragonTech, Dr. O’Neil provides SEO Services and Marketing Services both internally and for our clients. He spent years developing a proprietary system registered under his company Fantasoft, Ltd to boost SEO for small business.


Joshua Evans

Chief Information Officer

Joshua Evans started his career in IT at the age of ten. Beginning with building his own first computer from spare parts, he quickly taught himself the inner workings of Windows 95 and Windows 98 before discovering Ubuntu Linux and Windows 2000 server.

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Josh was already planning DragonTech and getting paid to fix computers and remove viruses for people in his neighborhood by the age of twelve. Before graduating from high school, Josh earned his first two certifications, CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Office Specialist 2003, and has since earned and maintained a variety of vendor certifications and partnerships from Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Brother, Datto, Kaseya, Untangle, WatchGuard, Intuit, and others.

In addition to the technical certifications, Josh has also held positions in a variety of industries, including:

  • Long-time Volunteer for the Humane Society of Knoxville
  • Animal Keeper at Tiger Haven
  • Tutor for children with learning disabilities
  • Sous Chef with an accompanying ServSafe Food Safety Manager certification
  • Adult GED/HiSET Instructor
  • Adult Computer Literacy Instructor
  • Preferred Vendor for IT Services in the Chattanooga Small Business Network

Over the course of two decades, Josh has served thousands of individual customers and hundreds of small businesses, providing quality services with a focus on finding solutions to problems while also securing and streamlining the way individuals and small businesses engage with technology. He has been in a number of peer group and vendor beta testing programs, providing unique insights for a wide variety of industries. He has been featured in several publications, most recently with Vendasta.


Evelyn Cronnon

Cybersecurity Analyst

Evelyn Cronnon is a Cybersecurity Analyst and ethical hacker with twenty years of experience in penetration testing and hardware hacking.

Zoey Evans, CEO

Zoey Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Zoey is the CEO of DragonTech IT Services. As the only member of the team from a non-technical background, she ensures that our technical operations are in alignment with business goals.

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Zoey studied Business Management at St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana, with a focus in Equine Business Administration. She has a deep passion for animals of all shapes and sizes and is an experienced horse riding instructor, dog trainer, and amateur cat herder.

Zoey’s professional experience has been in business management and administration for dozens of small businesses throughout the Chattanooga and Atlanta areas, working with small business owners navigate complexities of business ownership and streamline their operations.

Zoey’s hobbies include playing the violin, streaming Red Dead Redemption & Sea of Thieves, and rescuing all of the cats of the world.

Micah Schmidt

Programmer & Repair Technician

Micah is training to be a software and hardware engineer. She is an expert at reverse engineering as well as designing hardware and software.

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With a particular interest in older software and video games, Micah has replicated an ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution) play-through of Pokemon Red and created an app for the Project64 Emulator to transfer items between actively running Nintendo 64 Games.

For her work at DragonTech, she has designed, manufactured, and built circuits for custom projects, developed custom code for a variety of projects related to security and networking, and performs routine device maintenance and board level repairs.

Micah particularly loves discovering new things and taking on new projects that involve hardware, software, and art in her spare time. She would love to patiently listen and learn about your weird and novel experiments and will offer insight and advice if asked.