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As we progress into the digital age, businesses worldwide are successfully using Cloud services to improve many different aspects of how their companies are run. They are redefining the ways in which they can do business as never before, giving them an advantage over other companies who do not employ Cloud technology in their day to day business.

Across the world, around 90% of Fortune 500 companies have started using Microsoft Azure in their day to day business operations. Microsoft Azure was released in 2010 as Windows Azure and renamed Microsoft Azure in 2014. Microsoft Azure supports an extensive amount of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases and devices, which allows for a huge amount of utility, making Microsoft Azure a useful and worthwhile service for just about any company.

There are many reasons to choose Microsoft Azure if you are a business owner looking to take your company to the next level. At DragonTech, we have successfully integrated it within the businesses of several of our clients. Due to the common use of Office 365 and other Microsoft programs it is the logical choice for any company using Microsoft products.

So, why choose Microsoft Azure? Here are the five most common reasons we have come across in our area:

1: Security

In today’s age, data protection has become an increasingly important part of running a business, and Microsoft Azure can help with that. SDL or Security Development Lifestyle is an industry leading process which Microsoft Azure was designed upon. It provides a safe and secure zone on Azure Cloud allowing services to run safely and for information to be kept secure.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most trusted cloud platforms by US government institutions, and offers the best compliance coverage of over 50 compliance offerings. It was the first to adopt ISO 27018, the new international standard for Cloud privacy. As a forerunner in the industry, Microsoft offers exceptional standards of safety when it comes to data transfer and operations which utilise the Azure Cloud.

2: Integration with Office 365 and Other Microsoft Technologies

At DragonTech, we are proud suppliers of Office 365 to a plethora of different businesses. Microsoft Azure has fantastic integration with Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint. If you are a business using these products, then you can benefit from the clean synergy that comes with using Azure Cloud with them. As many businesses out there utilise Office 365 on a regular basis it’s definitely the cloud solution to go for!

3: A Constantly Evolving Cloud Solution

There are many popular Cloud services on the market, such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, and both these examples provide a high quality of Cloud based services – however Microsoft is constantly tweaking Azure Cloud, adding many new components and security updates regularly.

In a world where cyber security is increasingly important, Microsoft is building a service that can be counted on and prioritising the needs of its users regularly.

4: Scalability

It is possible to create fast, resource efficient applications that run easily on Microsoft Azure without the need for additional coding. These applications can scale exceptionally well allowing for anything up to 10 million users without a serious performance hit, as it is possible to add more processors to ensure that data can transfer quickly and efficiently without running into serious problems. Azure Storage offers performance efficient storage services on the Azure Cloud allowing for optimal performance.

5: Cost Efficiency

Microsoft Azure uses a pay as you go model which allows their customers to pa for what they use when they need to build or expand their resources on the Azure Cloud. This is an excellent cost effective solution to businesses which don’t want to end up paying for more than they use. IT admin costs are reduced to a minimal fee as the infrastructure on the Azure Cloud is handled by Microsoft. The high speed connections to between the Cloud and datacentres are effortless and provide a service few other providers of cloud services can effectively compete with.


There are many other reasons for which a business owner might consider Microsoft Azure, however these are some of the more common ones. As providers of Office 365 and many other Microsoft services, we generally prefer to use Azure Cloud if a Cloud based solution is what a business is looking for.

At DragonTech we have had experience working with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud Services, and whilst all of them have their merits, we believe that Microsoft Azure is one of the best for security, efficiency and effectiveness, along with it’s phenomenal synergy with the Microsoft software most commonly found in businesses.