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How many times have you found yourself looking at a leaflet that’s come through the letterbox or browsing through the ads section in a local magazine or paper? As the years pass we move away from physical mediums towards information we can find online. It’s become so easy for people to access information via their phones and computers that this physical kind of advertising has started to take a back seat.

Years ago, printed articles in flyers, local papers and magazines proved very successful. Now they have been left behind in the wake of the information age. Facebook is a gamechanger for businesses for a variety of reasons, the most powerful of which is the amount of time the average person spends browsing Facebook daily. 

Facebook is one of the social media giants with a huge audience of over 2.7 billion active monthly uses, which is approximately a third of the Earth’s population. Facebook has become an integral part of Advertising due to its large audience and the way it’s advert algorithms work. 

So Where Do Businesses Fit In?

Many of the people who own their own businesses are often unsure how they can get the best value when they advertise on Facebook. The ad tools and analytics can appear confusing, and navigation through the plethora of tabs can be hard. If this applies to you, your competition may well have an advantage over you, especially if they have their own marketing team.

Using Facebook Ads, your competition can easily reach potential customers. They can get their website, their menu and special promotional deals out easily to people in the local area. This is a significant advantage over businesses that don’t have this kind of marketing strategy. 

Drive Sales for Your Business With a Jaw Dropping Offer!

Have you ever been hit with an offer so good that it’s almost impossible to turn it down? A common strategy many businesses employ is to offer a deal that’s so good it will stop people scrolling through their newsfeed and click on your advert. The offer can’t just be anything, it has to be something significantly high value to the customer. 

Our audience has to be well targeted as we want quality over quantity. Many marketing companies like to dazzle companies with high numbers and figures. At DragonTech we have a lot of experience running adverts for our customers. We are more focussed on providing a higher quality audience aiming for better results than hitting metrics like reach. One person who will always visit your business is worth more than a thousand who never visit, even if the thousand are giving better interactions and reach. It’s all very well for 100 people to like a post, but if they’re not coming into your business or possibly even in the same part of the country, they aren’t benefiting your business by being a customer – especially if you run a local business that relies on local traffic.

Target Audiences With a Jaw Dropping Offer!

The big secret is to make sure that you only work with one audience at a time, carefully engineering a specialized offer so that it’s unique to them! Outside of DragonTech, I mainly work with restaurants, so let’s look at things from the perspective of restaurant advertising. Let’s say we want to focus on running a deal for a 50% off birthday meal. We would want to target women between the ages of 20 and 40 who have a birthday in the same month we run the advert. We also want to target friends of people who have a birthday within the next 30 days. On top of this we also target friends of women who have a birthday within the next 30 days. In terms of psychology, women have a higher chance of responding to this kind of offer and tagging their friends, gaining you additional reach and interactions, overall improving the effectiveness of the advert.

Once our audience is selected, we can put out the Jaw Dropping Offer. A fantastic example of a great offer for this audience would be a: 50% off birthday meal for 50% off for the entire party on all food ordered. It’s a fantastic offer which has a high success rate for getting people into restaurants. Due to the way the advert is targeted, the audience selection and situation specific deal, you have a much higher chance of success than a standard, non-targeted advert. People will exploit it and lie about their birthdays, but they will be coming in and bringing new customers, which is the true aim of your plan.

The jaw dropping offer can be many things and your specific target audience may be different based on the kind of business you run. Let’s say you run a driving school. You might want to target a younger audience of males and females up to the ages of 23 for example. 

Maybe you want to give away a computer gaming rig, so you will want people who fit your target audience. Younger males would work well for this one. Run a competition for likes and shares and boost the post targeting the young male audience, draw a winner and get a photo of them with their new gaming rig for promotion. Who likes and shares the post? People who want a gaming rig. What does your business supply in this instance? Gaming rigs. So what else could you add to make things sweeter? 15% off of your products for anyone who took part in the competition. Limit it to a month and you will start to see results before people forget about the offer. Now you can do this for any business, restaurants, driving schools, fishmongers, events. You name it.

What Now?

People will like your competition post if they are interested in the products you are selling. You can invite them to like your page by clicking on the number of likes on the advertised post and invite them each individually. After this you can target people who like your page and advertise out to them whenever you have a new offer coming out. This will increase the power of your adverts and their results.

This will not work for every business in the same way. A computer store could do well with it due to the way they get repeat customers. Restaurants make loads out of this system, as repeat customers happen as long as quality is there. A driving school or business consultancy might not be as successful with following up on the follower audience but might get a lot of value and potential out of putting out the initial post. Consultants could put out courses to their followers using a follow up, and pretty much any business has a deal they can put out to their followers. Driving schools could have a complication here but could put out a deal that recommends several free lessons to friends or family of people who have passed, so there’s always a way to work around it. 

Whatever your business, the jaw dropping offer can be useful and should always be employed with a boosted post. At DragonTech we do not recommend in boosting posts unless they have a great offer on them. Instead we recommend boosting the Facebook page itself to try and find local interest and customers, as it will generally be much more successful at netting you a good local audience with an interest in your company and products.