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Video has become an integral part of business promotion online. Many Social Media platforms such as Facebook put a heavy emphasis on Video sharing and promotion, prioritising it above written posts and image posts. 


Videos shared onto platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion can also provide a valuable source of backlinks which can help improve the ranking of your business website online! To find out more about backlinks and how they can help you, you can read up on them here! We will get into how you can put them in your videos later! 


Making Videos Of Your Business!


There are a lot of different opinions on how videos should look or how they should be filmed, but the facts remain the same each time: Customers love videos of companies which show the work that they do, the things they make and the ways they provide for their patrons. For Restaurants, they love food preparation videos. For Builders they love videos of people working construction. As long as your staff are happy being filmed, you can run an effective video campaign for your company, no matter which product you sell.


You can also make Vlogs where you talk about your company and the services you provide, which will humanise your company and give you a face amongst the thousands of faceless corporate entities out there. For a lot of different businesses such as Crafters and Restaurants, you can make how to videos, teaching your customers how to do the things that you do! These not only get a lot of interest if filmed well but they show your customers how well your staff perform, which is a win win situation all round!


Quality Levels


Quality is always important. In the modern world, the Mobile Phone has taken a centre stage when it comes to taking video and getting it up onto platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Regardless of the efficiency and ease of using Mobile Phones there are many reasons to consider getting a cheap DSLR camera setup in play. Mainly though, you will want a DSLR for the quality and ability to have more control over the images you shoot, though many high end mobiles will still give you decent quality.


In terms of resolution, I prefer to always film in 720p. Whilst a lot of companies always want the highest resolution possible, that doesn’t always mean the best quality, and most DSLRs do fantastic 720p, which will come with a nice, professional look. It also has the benefit of not being crushed down in quality and suffering for buffering issues which may chase some people off. The image also remains clear for people who crush down the quality for faster streaming meaning that your videos will always look more professional than if you shot them in 4k. Editing of 720p is also easy and most computers can handle it without any trouble. 


Live Videos For Facebook


Live Videos have been popular on Facebook for quite some time. Facebook also likes to promote them over standard video uploads. Live Videos are a great way to communicate with your audience because they’re all about interaction between people. People tune in so they can directly talk with you and ask you questions which you can answer. Using a Smartphone is a great way to get a live video up because they are great for this kind of vlogging as they’re naturally built for this medium!


The main difficulty with recording a live video is that anything can happen and customers can see it, and you really don’t want to have a customer in your video without a signed release form! There are some complicated ways in which you can stream video live to Facebook using pre-recorded video but we always recommend really going live so you can always communicate with your audience, that’s the power of the live video! The ability to respond to every question, to communicate with your customers and make their day! Not stream something stale and corporate.


Video As A Support For Your Website


YouTube is one of the most amazing websites in the world when it comes to videos. Getting to grips with YouTube can seem a little daunting at first, but it can give you a huge advantage over your local competition. Videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other such platforms can help increase the power of your website through the power of backlinks, which we mentioned earlier. 


Let’s say you run an Indian Restaurant in Chattanooga. You make a video and tag it with: “Indian Restaurant Chattanooga “Indian Restaurants in Chattanooga” “Best Indian Chattanooga” In the video description you talk a bit about your restaurant and the services you provide and you include a link to your website like this:  https://www.dragontech.us. When writing this description, include your restaurant’s name and add other relevant information like an address. It’s important to write different information for each video to keep the backlinks from being regarded as spam by Google and other search engines. 


When Google’s crawlers scan through everything they will find that these videos are pointing to your website, and because they’re associated, the tags will help support your website if your YouTube video is ranking and this is the same for the other platforms. You can upload your videos to multiple platforms leading to multiple backlinks from powerful high quality domains. 


Promotional Adverts!


Nothing sells your business like a fantastically filmed ad. If you’re not much of a cinematographer, you might want to consider hiring some local talent. You can either go to a professional visual media company or contact local colleges and universities to try and get some film students to help if you are on a tight budget. A lot of film students are highly interested in cinematography and want to show off their skills. You can also help them by promoting them on your website or social media.


Adverts can go up on your YouTube channel and all over the web, you can even upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook linking back to your main website for that extra bit of power. A good advert will sell your business like nothing else and will help bring in lots of customers. You’ll want to put it out in as many places as possible! 


Music For Videos


Nothing compliments a good piece of work like a good piece of music, however using Music in your promotional videos and adverts can be a little dangerous. We recommend looking for royalty free music such as the music from https://www.musicloops.com to keep yourself legally covered, their music is nice and cheap and can be used for multiple projects! 


Promote Your Brand With Video


Promotion of your Brand is always important. It’s the service which stands your business out from others and getting your Brand in front of people is important. You can talk in depth about the services you provide in vlogs and you can also get vox pops from your staff! Some companies like to begin their videos with their logos or put their logos in a corner so that the Brand Identity is promoted within the video for people watching them. 


However you choose to represent your company, we strongly recommend looking into video as it has become one of the strongest tools used in online advertising to date!