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Managed Cyber Security

Manage your cyber security to detect vulnerabilities and prevent cyber risks in your organization.

Cyber Security Auditing & Data Compliance

We provide a 360 degree view of your organizational safety with our comprehensive cyber audit and data compliance. Data compliance enables you to remove potential risks, avoid legal liabilities, and remain eligible for cyber insurance claims from insurance companies. After a cyber incident, insurance companies may reject your insurance claim due to lax data compliance

The Cost of Cyber Security Gaps

Your business may be small, but the threat of cybercrime is not. Cyberattacks have forced 60% of SMBs out of business.

Consequence of Data Breach

Get fully-managed and monitored cyber solutions and eliminate potential risk. The average cost of a data breach to a small business is $300,000.

Information Reaching the Dark Web

A slight gap in cyber security means that your valuable data can reach the wrong hand. Over 60% of the information available on the dark web could negatively affect most businesses.

Internal Spear Phishing

Cyber security causes multiple risks, including spear phishing. In July 2020, 130 Twitter accounts, including Apple’s, got compromised through spear phishing targeting Twitter employees.

What We Do

Our cyber audit provides a complete analysis of your cyber security structure and highlights the weak areas in your system.

Data Security Audit

Our data security audit includes a detailed analysis of network access control, encryption usage, data security at rest, and transmissions.

Operational Security Audit

Get a complete expert overview of your security policies, procedures, and controls.

Network Security

This includes a report on network controls, antivirus configurations, network monitoring capacity, SOC, etc.

System Security Audit

This audit reports on the patching process, privileged account management, access controls, role-based access, etc.

Physical Security Audit

This audit includes a report on the organization’s premises, physical devices like disk encryption, role-based access controls, biometric data, multifactor authentication, etc.