At DragonTech, we’re working hard to provide amazing services for each and every one of our clients! We have developed two tiers of IT Service which we have called DragonScale and DragonGuard which take care of the majority of services most of our local companies here in Chattanooga TN require. These packages can be upgraded if necessary and tailored to suit a businesses needs. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and providing a level of quality and service that our customers can reliably trust. 




DragonScale is a light management service for devices, providing maintenance, security services and also backup services depending on the devices in question. On top of these services, you can also add more services and addons to your package with us, which allows our customers the option to fully customize a package that is tailor made to suit their needs.


We can provide a full catalog of our services upon request, or you can find out more by browsing our website. 


Any tech support not covered by our general maintenance is billed hourly on top of our regular fees. 




DragonGuard is our fully managed service. It provides a top notch level of proactive monitoring of all devices, high levels of security, state of the art software, and unlimited tech support from our team, excluding onsite support. DragonGuard also includes all the licences you will need to operate your company at the highest level, including licenses for Windows, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Azure


DragonGuard also comes with a device leasing service, offering a variety of devices on lease from Dell and Lenovo, which come with 3 year lease terms and 100% repair or replace warranty included. Every 3 years, the contracts are renewed with new devices ensuring you always have the best technology in the price range at your fingertips. Perfect for everyone from startup businesses to major corporations!


Hardware replacement costs and out of hours tech support, available 24/7 are not covered by this package but both are available and supported by us. 


DragonTech also offers VoIP Services integrated within Microsoft Teams, allowing everyone working for your company to have their own dedicated phone number, which isn’t locked directly to a device.

Microsoft Teams itself is very flexible and can be installed on any Windows PC, macOS, iPhone and Android. This ranges from $19.99 – $49.99 per month depending on which service addons your company requires. These add ons include call encryption, call recording, automated receptionists and much more!


DragonGuard Services


DragonGuard Bronze Managed Services plan. Unlimited remote tech support during office hours. Includes:

  • Proactive Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • M365 Backup
  • Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (Sentinel One)
  • Weekly Device Status reporting
  • IronScales Ultimate
  • Proofpoint Essentials Pro
  • Corporate Password Manager
  • Daily Risk Intelligence Scanning with monthly reporting
  • Full Device Backups


DragonGuard Silver Managed Services: $300/m per user

  • All of the above, plus:
  • All services migrated into Microsoft Azure Cloud via Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Accessible from any computer over secure, automatic VPN (requires internet connection)
  • 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring for compromised passwords & PII (one domain & 3 personal emails included)
  • End-user training on M365 products


DragonGuard Gold Managed Services: $400/m per user

  • Everything in preceding packages, plus:
  • 24/7 unlimited technical support
  • Quarterly Business Review to identify any problems for which IT can provide a solution, audit our usage to identify more proactive methods & services
  • 1 hour meeting each month to provide IT training & advice for each user on all supported software & services.


DragonGuard Diamond Managed Services: $500/m per user

  • Everything in preceding packages, plus:
  • Full 24/7 monitoring from our Security Operations Center partner, Novacoast
  • Security & Awareness and Regulatory Compliance training with self-serve employee portal & Guided training sessions
  • 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring for Unlimited domains & Personal emails
  • DragonWing Business Manager included
  • Web Hosting & Design included (1 website, up to 10 pages)
  • SEO & Blog posts included (2 blogs per month)
  • Social Media Management included (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; daily posts Mon-Fri)
  • Digital Marketing campaign included (minimum $500 ad spend across multiple platforms)
  • Email Marketing Campaign included (1 email per week; up to 2,500 contacts)


At DragonTech we are proud to serve our local customers and work with businesses and people usually within 50 miles of Chattanooga TN, though we have many who are further afield. We are capable of providing much larger packages for companies if required.


If you have any questions about our packages or you are looking for a local IT specialist to help you with problems you may be having, contact us today!