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NordVPN is a virtual private network service provider which caters for Windows, Linux and macOS computers. It also provides apps for iOS and Android and manual setups are available for wireless routers, NAS devices and more. 

For business owners, online security is becoming a more and more important part of day to day business. Data protection has become increasingly important for companies worldwide, with many parts of the world adapting their laws and policies as we move into the digital age.

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Here are a few of the reasons you or your company might want to invest in NordVPN:

  • Affordable
  • Cybercrime
  • Remote Work
  • Geo Restricted Content
  • Safe Browsing For Customers

1: NordVPN is an Affordable Solution: 

Ten years ago, a VPN was a luxury solution that only a few of the larger corporations could afford. Nowadays things are much different! VPN apps are a cost effective way to ensure your personal security and will only set you back a few dollars per month, per user. It’s a cost effective solution for businesses of all sizes, and in the modern digital world where cybercrime is becoming evermore troublesome, it’s a good way to help ensure your company’s data is protected.

2: Protect Yourself from Cybercrime:

With Cybercrime issues on the rise in the digital age, it has become an evermore pressing threat to data protection, especially with legal reform across the world. For many business owners, it is often a terrifying realization when they learn that even some of the hugest digital business entities, such as Facebook can be hacked.  

A VPN server functions like a relay between your computer and the internet. The VPN creates an additional layer of security by encrypting your data, allowing your passwords, emails, financial transactions and browsing activity remain hidden and protected from malicious people who might want to exploit them. 

3: The Ability to Work Remotely

One of the essential advantages of the VPN is that not only does it protect your employees’ data, but it can also allow them to safely access your business intranet remotely. This can be extremely useful for companies that have more than one office, or companies that rely on remote workers, which is something we have seen quite a lot with the COVID-19 pandemic.

VPNs such as NordVPN can be usedd to give your employees a specific IP address, allowing them to access company resources safely anywhere in the world.

4: Access Geo-Restricted Content

If your company employs people who work overseas regularly, it’s possible that they may need access to other websites vital to their ability to perform effectively for your business, such as accessing Facebook or Gmail. Sometimes governments put up restrictions to many of the websites that we use regularly. A good VPN service will allow you to avoid most of these restrictions, even if you are thousands of miles from home, you can still access websites as though you were in your home country. 

5: Ensuring Safe Browsing For Customers

If you are a business owner that offers clients services such as free Wi-Fi, it’s very important to ensure that any data sent through your network is secure. Whilst many  people understand the risks of sending sensitive data from a public place, your clients may still be at risk if they are using an unsecured Wi-Fi. A VPN will be an essential part of protecting your customer’s data on your business’ Wi-Fi, which will in turn help protect your business being liable, should a customer’s data fall into the wrong hands. 

So, what services does NordVPN provide?

Secure Internet: NordVPN provides next generation encryption for data that passes through the VPN. Your internet data will remain safe and secure when using their service.

Ultra Fast Connection: NordVPN understands the necessity of having a fast and efficient connection. When using their service, you will not experience some of the lag that occurs when using other VPN connection services. 

Strict No-Logs Policy: NordVPN and it’s developers do not collect or retain logs of their users’ online activity. They believe in complete and total privacy when using their service. 

Uninterrupted Streaming: With NordVPN, you will not experience the same buffering issues and problems that you might normally have with other similar services. NordVPN’s fast and efficient connections will ensure that you can stream without the usual buffering issues similar services may cause.

Privacy On The Go: With one simple click, you can easily secure your mobile’s online connection, allowing you privacy in your online life. 

Mask Your IP: You can easily hide your personal IP address stopping others from tracking what you can do online.

P2P: With NordVPN’s advanced Peer to Peer services, you can easily share large files, hassle free thanks to their network of P2P servers.

Double the Security with a Double IP: NordVPN allows you to protect yourself with not just one but two different IP addresses for increased security when working online. 

Onion Anonymity: When using NordVPN, you are protected by Onion which keeps your data safe from prying eyes. From hackers to the authorities, everything that passes through Onion will be invisible to people trying to observe you.

Ad and Malware Blocking: NordVPN is great for protecting your computer from malware, botnet control and unwanted ads. Just turn on CyberSec to protect yourself easily from these kinds of problems.

Browser Extensions: NordVPN comes with easy to use and lightweight extensions for the browsers Chrome and Firefox, allowing you quick and simple private browsing whenever you need it. 

Worldwide Access to Streaming Sites: Easily access streaming sites from all over the world, even ones that aren’t normally available in your country. 

24-7 Support: The team behind NordVPN are on hand 24 hours a day to provide support for service users all over the world. 

To get NordVPN, click: here

At DragonTech, we work hard to provide exceptional IT services to everyone within the local Chattanooga area. We always recommend a strong VPN service for every one of our customers, from the big businesses to people who simply come to us for IT support. The VPN has become a vital part of ensuring that our customers are protected whenever they are on the web, and we know that NordVPN is one of the most cost effective and reliable ways to ensure that they are protected.