Dragontech IT Services Inc.

A strong IT infrastructure gives a boost to an business overall productivity, security, and profit. However, due to a lack of proper knowledge and expertise in IT management, small and medium-sized businesses are struggling to capitalize on the true value of the latest technology and innovations. DragonTech offers businesses affordable and innovative fully-managed IT, cyber security, and digital marketing solutions. Our solutions aim to empower you with a robust IT infrastructure, increased overall productivity, and revenue. Boost your business’s growth with DragonTech IT solutions.



Safeguard your valuable data and protect your business against cyber threats with our advanced security solutions, including firewalls, encryption, vulnerability assessments, and employee training programs.

IT Consulting

Benefit from our expert IT consultants who will assess your current infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your technology investments.

Cloud Services

Leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing with our tailored cloud solutions, including cloud migration, infrastructure management, and application deployment.

Network Solutions

Ensure seamless connectivity and robust network performance with our comprehensive network design, implementation, and maintenance services.

Meet the Team at DragonTech

ZOEY Evans

ZOEY Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Zoey is the CEO of DragonTech IT Services. As the only member of the team from a non-technical background, she ensures that our technical operations are in alignment with business goals.

Josh Evans

Josh Evans

Chief Information Officer

Joshua Evans started his career in IT at the age of ten. Beginning with building his own first computer from spare parts, he quickly taught himself the inner workings of Windows 95 and Windows 98 before discovering Ubuntu Linux and Windows 2000 server.

Micah Schmidt

Micah Schmidt

Programmer and Repair Technician

Micah is training to be a software and hardware engineer. She is an expert at reverse engineering as well as designing hardware and software.

Evelyn Cronnon

Evelyn Cronnon

Cybersecurity Analyst

Evelyn Cronnon is a Cybersecurity Analyst and ethical hacker with twenty years of experience in penetration testing and hardware hacking.

Dr. Alex O'Neil

Dr. Alex O'Neil

SEO Specialist and Web Design Consultant

Alex O’Neil is an actor, director, composer, graphic designer, and prolific entrepreneur with experience in film, entertainment, marketing, law, and healthcare. In addition to a doctorate in Performing Arts, Dr. O’Neil holds an astounding number of degrees, diplomas, and certifications in a variety of industries.

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