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You might be thinking to yourself: Why should I advertise on Facebook? There are many different places to advertise from Reddit to Google – so what makes Facebook a great place to advertise your business. Facebook is not only the most powerful social media platform in the world, but it also has some of the finest advertising tools when it comes to getting your business out in front of new customers. No matter the kind of business you run, Facebook will be able to find people interested in your products and services.

Your Customers Spend A Lot Of Time On Facebook!

Facebook is huge. It has over 1.8 billion users all over the world and the majority of these users spend a large amount of time on the platform. Whether they are simply scrolling through a news feed, or sending messages, or even selling things in local groups, there will be customers out there.

As part of their usual daily routine, most people regularly log onto Facebook first thing, to check messages and see what’s going on in the world. This makes Facebook an ideal place to advertise your company because people are naturally here to keep up to date on the goings on in the lives of their friends and family.

Advertising on local websites such as directories, news sites and local blogs is a lot less effective as you will have a much smaller target audience. Facebook on the other hand has one of the highest user retention rates in the world, so it’s the ideal place to advertise.

Targeting And Facebook!

It’s a well known fact among advertisers that Facebook has some of the most advanced marketing tools in the world, and possessing the ability to target in the way Facebook can target is truly something else.

You are able to target your audience by their age, their interests, the area in which they live, and much much more – very easy. If you know who your customers are and what they like, you can easily advertise to them and set up like audiences with people who already support your business there.

Let’s say, for example, you are the owner of a restaurant and you want to offer a special deal to people who are going to have their birthday soon, you can set up an advert targeting people with birthdays that are coming up soon specifically and also start targeting their friends as well. This is a great audience for your services.

Facebook Advertising Is Cost Effective!

As a business owner you may have tried advertising on the television, in newspapers, magazines and on the local radio. These adverts are still viable, just about, and they still get out to people who see and hear them. But how many people actually see or hear these messages and adverts. People generally read papers for the news, magazines for specific information, and they listen to the radio for music – watching telly for their favorite programs. Not for finding business ads. Whilst some people might turn to the business section of a paper to look specifically at ads, these people are pretty rare.

If it’s possible to reach a few thousand people guaranteed for the price of a few dollars, is this not a better way to advertise than to have your advert in a magazine, newspaper on on a blogging or directory site? Facebook has the ability to track the reach of your adverts and judge their effectiveness, based upon their results. You can also modify your adverts to try and see if changing a few things affects the way your audience perceives your business. You will also be advertising from your Facebook page, which means you will be gathering an audience over time which grows and grows. Over a period of time you can easily increase your brand awareness for very little money, compared to what you would have spent on other advertising outlets.

Facebook Advertising Is Measurable!

The effectiveness of your Facebook Ads is pretty easy to measure thanks to the analytics tools Facebook provides on your page. You will have easy access to your business page’s insights which show you the stats of your page, showing what works best for effectively retaining your audience. Here you can easily measure the effects of your Facebook Ads easily.

It’s even possible to install a Facebook Pixel into your business website to monitor the effects of your Facebook Ads and track your conversions. But for this, you may well need the help of a digital marketing specialist.

Facebook Is Good For Your Brand!

The most important thing in business is for people to be able to see you. You need to be visible and Facebook is an ideal way to be seen by a large audience. Organic reach for companies has been reduced since Facebook Ads became powerful, mainly so people would use Facebook Ads. They have become the best way of ensuring that your company always remains visible in the eyes of your customers.

If a customer interacts with your adverts positively, commenting, liking or generally responding to them. Facebook will make sure they see more of your ads. Statistically, people who interact with company posts often are likely to either be returning customers or have a high chance of conversion.
Facebook Increases Word Of Mouth And Referrals

The best way for a company to succeed is word of mouth. Friend recommendations or positive communication about your business on Facebook is really good for business. When you have a Facebook Page for your business, positive interactions and communication can be really beneficial for your business!

Lets say, for example you are the owner of a hobby store that features tabletop games such as Warhammer. People will tag their friends in posts when you are bringing new stock in. If you run a Games Workshop and you bring in some new Tau or Skaven units, you may well get friends tagging each other in posts that feature them! An avid Tau or Skaven player would be very interested in these. You could get free sales just by putting out a post!

Now this is an unusual niche, however it’s still a great example of the kind of thing you should personally share. Restaurants can always share their pictures of food, which are almost guaranteed to get people tagging boyfriends, girlfriends and family. Every business out there has something worth talking about… If you advertise it right.

Everyone Wins With Facebook!

Outside of working with DragonTech IT Services INC,  I have worked as a digital marketer for many years now, and I have found no business that cannot benefit from having adverts on Facebook – from classy restaurants on the outskirts of London to companies that specialize in septic tanks, every business has an audience on Facebook. It’s a brilliant tool for getting your business out there, and financially viable for any budget size. Facebook ads will always function better the more you put into them though. If you have made errors in the ads, or need to change information, you can change them easier than if your advert is in a paper or magazine or even worse, on the radio.

There are some other brilliant ways you can use Facebook in order to build your brand and get seen locally including building news pages and using them to advertise.

Any business can use Facebook, and you don’t need to hire a digital marketer like myself! All it takes is a little time and effort and a few tests and you can start promoting your business easily!