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IT Services

DragonTech IT Services offers comprehensive IT services, including computer & device repair, network troubleshooting, and fully managed IT services.

The Cost of IT Gaps

A robust and flaw-free IT infrastructure can benefit your business, but a minor flaw can cost you in a variety of ways.


IT gap can cause an undesirable downtime, and per-hour downtime costs vary from $10,000 to $50,000 for SMBs.

Internal Threats

The average cost of an internal threat-related incident for SMBs is $7.68 million.

Unpatched Systems

More than 60% of companies running on unpatched systems suffered data breaches.

Backup Error

More than 50% of recoveries fail due to backup errors.


Other than the hefty fines from regulatory bodies like HIPAA, GDPR, etc., non compliance leads to the rejection of liability insurance claims. For example, PhilHealth
reported it denied claims worth over $115 million due to non-compliance issues.

Security Breach

Data breach incidents are rising sharply, and 85% of breaches are SMBs.

What We Do

Get all your IT needs addressed and fulfilled in one place.

Computer & Device Repair

Repair and manage all your computers and electronic devices with DragonTech expertise.

Network Troubleshooting

Keep your business up and running without any downtime caused by network issues.

Fully Managed IT Services

Get fully-managed IT services like cloud, data compliance, etc.