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Virus Removal

There are steps and preventative measures you can take to help keep malware off your computer, but if something does happen, we’re here to help. Contact us today for virus removal and computer cleanup.


What is a Virus?

According to Malwarebytes, the definition of a virus is ” malware attached to another program (such as a document) which can replicate and spread after an initial execution on a target system where human interaction is required.” Basically meaning, something attached itself to something on your computer or laptop, and until you take it and get some “anti-viral” protection, the virus isn’t going anywhere, and could crash your computer. Some basic things you can do to prevent a virus are:

Installing a great cybersecurity software (we recommend Malwarebytes)

Don't click on links that you don't recognize

Don't open emails with no title, and/or from an address you don't recognize

And overall, if you need help, or have a virus on your machine, call a professional!


How we deal with a virus

DragonTech takes great pride in knowing that our virus removal system has great responses and outcomes. The techs at DragonTech use Malwarebytes to take care of our clients virus and cybersecurity issues. However, Malwarebytes isn’t the only program we recommend to our clients. We also recommend BitDefender and  SentinelOne. We have a flat rate virus removal fee of $50 USD. Call us and book an appointment today to take care of your virus removal needs!

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