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Hard Drive Upgrade

Why upgrading to a SSD is more secure and reliable for your computer, and your business.



SSD vs. Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drives (or HDD's) have a very slow read/write time *copying process is 30-150 MB per second*

HDD's need to be replaced at least every 3 years

HDD's are made completely up of moving parts. Moving parts = more power

With all those parts, comes more volume. HDD's are quite noisy

Dropped your laptop? You should probably get a new drive. HDD's are very fragile

Solid State Drives (or SSD's) have a much quicker read/write time *that same copying process is 500 MB per second, and can get up to 3,500 MB per second.*

SSD's can last up to 7 years for moderate PC users, but up to 10 with light use

SSD are completely stationary. No movement = no lost power

Once again, SSD's are stationary. No movement, no noise

Stationary. Stationary. Stationary. There's really no fragile part of an SSD, just don't step on it.


So, When Should You Upgrade?

Is your computer running slow? Is it making noises that it didn’t used to? Are you having issues launching programs that you didn’t use to have? It may be time to upgrade your Hard Drive. Here at DragonTech, we strive to bring you excellent customer service. We typically lean towards upgrading your HDD to a SSD, specifically because you’ll get better performance out of your machine in general. Our top pick for a SSD would have to be the Samsung Evo Pro. Your SSD will last up to 10 years for a moderate user. Heavy users? You can expect 5-7 years from your Samsung Evo Pro. Need help picking the best drive for your device? We’re here to help! Send us a message, or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you!

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