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Google recently announced that effective October 13, 2020, items in a user’s Trash folder will be permanently deleted after just thirty days. Previously, users’ deleted files were maintained indefinitely and files were only permanently deleted after a user manually emptied their Trash folders.

SaaS vendors like Microsoft and Google offer limited retention policies that simply aren’t sufficient for business data. Many small and medium businesses (SMBs) aren’t aware that a third party backup provider is recommended by these vendors due to their lack of comprehensive data backup. Google’s recent shift to permanent deletion after just thirty days is another reason to implement a cloud-to-cloud backup. There are countless scenarios where a deleted file may need to be recovered after a month’s time – from accidental data deletion to disgruntled employees to a cyberattack.

Luckily, managed service providers (MSPs) with a reliable cloud backup solution can restore their clients’ permanently deleted data and get them the files they need to run their business.