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In our modern, digital world, your online reputation determines much of your business’s success. Excellent reviews and high scores, along with relevant website and social media content, help potential customers find your website. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a major part of your digital marketing plan.

SEO is the process of tailoring your website’s content to rank higher in search engines’ criteria—and put you on the first page of buyer searches for products and services. It includes identifying and using key words, content optimization, link building, and blog and social media presence.

In her article, “Improve Your Brand’s Online Reputation with SEO,” Jessica Wong explains that the “right blog can contribute to your SEO ranking, generate more clicks from the search engine results page and help turn those clicks into sales.” A blog post should have a good mix of search keywords, relevant videos and pictures, and links to and from your page, she explains. Read Wong’s entire article for an overview of the four stages to SEO implementation and the six areas to focus on for improving your brand’s online reputation related to SEO.